Donations Needed

Families Helping Families is an all-volunteer organization without overhead. Every mailing and even this website has been donated. Rest assured that every dollar and any item you donate helps a family in need and is tax deductible. Please see our “Thank You” page to view our sponsors!

Donations can be made to us through our partner organization, Bridge Communities’ website. Please click below  to donate today!

Donate to FHF today!

This is the usual state of our supply closet – we are in constant need of useful household supplies.

It’s awesome when the donations come in – Please help us keep our supply closet stocked!

Here are some ways you can help!

Cleaning Supplies and Personal Items – Our families usually qualify for food stamps, however, personal items and cleaning supplies cannot be purchased with food stamps.  Click on this link to see our list of needs, or email Kay at
FHF Supply Closet Basic Needs

Household Goods – Our families often arrive without furniture or kitchen items or linens. They may need clothes and toys for their children as well. We have a FHF email LINK system that is used by our mentors when their clients have needs. If you’d like to be included in this email list so that you can provide gently used items as needed, please send an email to FHF and ask to add your name to our LINK system.

Holiday Gift Certificates/cards – If you’d like to provide a gift certificate for a local family in need please contact Nancy. Shopping is a luxury for our families. A gift certificate will allow a parent to go holiday or birthday shopping for her own child. What a wonderful gift that is! Gift certificates from the following stores are greatly appreciated: Any Grocery Store, Target, Walmart and Kohls. Gift cards for gas stations help our clients to fill their tanks.

Money – to pay rent and utilities for our families. It costs us $35 per day to support each family. Please make checks out to Families Helping Families and mail to FHF, 1164 Dickens Lane, Naperville, IL 60563. Donations are tax deductible and we will send you a receipt.

Cars – Our families need safe cars to get to school and work. Donating your old car would allow a homeless family a new start. Even with the tax law changes, your donation is still tax deductible at full value since these vehicles are given directly to our clients, not sold. Please contact Vicky at

Fuel for our Families – This is a new program designed to help our families meet the burden of high gasoline costs. Any gas cards appreciated! This is a great program for school groups and church groups as they can pool their resources and help our families one gallon at a time!

Laundry basics – Our families need the basics! Rolls of quarters and laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc., are most welcome! Contact us at

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