Welcome to Families Helping Families!

At any given night right here in DuPage County, Illinois, there are over 150 families that have no place to call home.

What is Families Helping Families?

FHF provides apartments and volunteer mentors to homeless families in DuPage County while they are working to reclaim their lives through education. A donation of only $30 will pay one day’s rent and utilities for a family. FHF has NO administrative expenses, so every dollar we raise is a dollar that helps the homeless.

FHF helps children

This FHF child hasn’t a care in the world. She knows where she will sleep each night. We wish every child did.

Special News:

  • There was MAGIC IN THE AIR on Saturday, February 6, as we held our 2016 Annual Benefit Dinner and Auctions at Cress Creek Country Club in Naperville. Sponsored in part by Mark Brown and Associates along with Thrivent Financial. We thank ALL of our generous sponsors and contributors along with all of our generous guests that attended-  What a successful evening!
  • A Quote from a past FHF graduate:
    FHF changed my life forever. When I contacted FHF my daughter and I were facing financial turmoil that caused us to lose our housing.  I had lost my job due to downsizing. This started to affect my daughter’s education as well. She was only in the second grade, but still knew something was wrong. Through FHF I was provided shelter for my daughter and me and given 4 amazing people to help us along the way. It was my financial mentors, career counselor and my daughter’s tutor that led us on our way to a bright future. I now run a successful company and my daughter is in her junior year of college. I am forever grateful for FHF.  It is not just an organization, but they have truly became an extension of my family. Although I graduated from the program over 10 yrs ago, I have kept in close contact with my mentor, whom I adore, and my daughter’s tutor whom we acknowledge as a bonus grandma now.

Some people believe that homelessness is self-induced or somehow that the family is at fault. Those who have had the opportunity to get to know homeless families have discovered that sometimes people are working as hard as they can, and still cannot afford a place to live. While the circumstances surrounding each family’s housing crisis is different, there is one universal truth: These parents are deeply concerned about their children and truly believe that they can, with our help, provide a better life for them.

How does Families Helping Families find these families?
Prospective families are thoroughly screened by caseworkers at Bridge Communities Inc. Only families that are drug-free and have removed themselves from their domestic violence situation are eligible. Our families generally have very specific goals they would like to accomplish during their time with us, such as completion of a degree or trade school and a job with higher wages. The families are typically in the program for two years and the goal is to achieve self-sufficiency through education so that they can be productive and contributing members of our community.